for when you visit Drake Bay


There are no banks or ATM in Drake Bay

We recommend 100% to bring cash (Dollars or Colones) When you pay with creditcard, there is an additional bank charge that goes from 2 to 5% according to the trade. In case you forget to bring cash and want to withdraw cash from a supermarket or another establishment they will take another charge of 5 to 8% according to the shop.Your only option to get cash before entering Drake Bay is in Palmar Norte or Puerto Jiménez depending on where you are.


In Costa Rica we have 2 very marked seasons: Rainy and Dry season.

Dry Season: from December to May During this summer or dry season it does not usually rain, but it is quite hot and above all humid, that is why we recommend you bring comfortable and light clothing for tours and so on. Rainy season: from May to December During rainy season it can rain at any time of the day, usually starting in the afternoons, allowing for a nice morning for the tours.


Do not drive to Drake Bay by car during the rainy season

We recommend not driving to Drake Bay during the rainy season because from the point of entry (Rincón) to Drake Bay you will have to cross about 4 rivers. During rainy season this rivers are quite full and usually do not allow to pass through. Also, not one Rent A Car company here in Costa Rica will cover damages for crossing rivers. If you still want to come to Drake by car, please email us or call us with about 3 days of anticipation for your own safety.


Bring your own medical kit.

During rainy season there are often several blackouts (due to fallen branches or landslides), and we would be a few hours or days without electricity. This is because we are located in a somewhat remote place. In Drake Bay we have a clinic with very short schedules that go from 7am to 4pm. On weekends (Saturday-Sunday) the clinic is closed, therefore we do not have doctors during 2 days. If you need to be checked in as a tourist, you only need to present your passport during the scheduled hours of the clinic. Although you can get some medicines in the clinic, we suggest you to bring your own medical kit. Also, in case you are missing something, we recommend to stop in Palmar Norte or Puerto Jimenez to get what is needed in the nearest pharmacies.


General Recommendations

– Bring sunblock
– Mosquito repelent
– Water shoes to get of the boat
– Hiking shoes
– Towel
– A good spotlight
– Waterproof coat or bag (for rainy season)
– Cash


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